Aircraft Aesthetics


Taughannock Aviation Corp has decades of experience working with a multitude of aircraft types, resulting in improved appearance methods that are proven and safe.

Is the aircraft that you are operating cosmetically appealing? Are you and those you do business with pleased with the appearance of your aircraft? Have you ever been parked next to that flashy aircraft out on the tarmac and thought, "why doesn't our aircraft look that good?"

Well, it can look that good!

Operating and maintaining many different types of aircraft has allowed Taughannock Aviation Corp's staff to gain valuable experience regarding what methods and materials work best on an array of aircraft surfaces. 

Detailing services that we are glad to offer to our customers:

  • Quick turn cleans / general interior spruce up
  • Full interior detailing
  • Exterior dry washing / paint oxidation and carbon removal
  • Exterior wet washing
  • Paint waxing and protection
  • Brightwork polishing
  • Pneumatic boot stripping and treating

We can also:

  • Service your lavatory
  • Fill your water tanks (we have spring water if you so desire!)
  • Replenish the stock aboard your aircraft
  • Assist with specialty catering arrangements

Whatever level of cleaning your aircraft may require, Taughannock Aviation Corporation can help you maintain the look you and your company desires. 

The aesthetic condition of your aircraft is an aspect that should not be ignored - the way your aircraft looks is a direct reflection of who you are.

Intrigued? Give a call or use our Contact Form - we will be happy to answer your questions!