Fuel Programs

JetA w/additive$

KITH Based Aircraft Receive Exclusive Pricing!


Taughannock Aviation Corp (TAC) is the exclusive provider of fuel services at the Ithaca-Tompkins Regional Airport (KITH).

We are a Shell Aviation Fuels dealer and Contract Fuel location. 

TAC offers an array of volume discounts, in addition specific quantity fuel purchases may waive certain fees. The more fuel you uplift, the better the deal - it's that simple. 

 We also participate in the Shell Rewards incentive point program!

The importance of ensuring clean, dry aviation fuel should never be underestimated. Branded by Shell, we strive to uphold their reputation as one of the leaders in aviation fuels. We adhere to the strict quality control procedures set forth within ATA 103 as well as safety standards within NFPA and NATA. TAC is routinely audited by outside agencies, commercial carriers, local authorities, the FAA, and is a NATA Safest 1st Participant.