OB-30 Oxygen Booster Pump

Oxygen Pump

Taughannock Aviation’s air powered oxygen booster takes you to higher pressures with the greatest values in the industry.


OB-30 Features:

  • Compact and only 50 pounds
  • No inlet air valve, air regulator, or air lubricator required
  • Dual 5 micron filters, on each for oxygen IN and Out ports
  • Integrated circuit design. No external fittings or plumbing to leak.
  • Integral cut IN an OUT switches: pump will automatically shut off if oxygen IN pressure is below 250psi or oxygen OUT pressure is above 2,250psi (factory set).
  • Polymeric seals for long life and high efficiency.
  • Integral subplate mounted air regulator and ON/OFF toggle switch.

OB-30 Benefits:

  • More efficient usage of low-pressure oxygen bottles.
  • Less man hours needed to set up and perform a service.
  • Less oxygen inventory required to perform same job as a cascade system.