Taughannock Aviation is an expert in sales, Service, and repairs with a wealth of experience in the latest avionics technology ensures that each repair or installation goes smoothly, on budget and on schedule.

Avionics Installation

TAC is a leader in avionics installation and service offering 30 years of experience and the extreme attention to detail required to get the job done right. Our pricing is very competitive and we are dealers for the leading manufacturers of avionic equipment. Our technicians will work with you to customize a plan to meet all your repair, replacement or reconfiguration needs.  Call, stop by, or ‘request a quote’ on-line.

Avionics Services

  • Avionics installations
  • Avionics repair
  • Avionics Warranty Service
  • 2 year Avionics Checks

Avionics Dealer Authorizations

Aspen Avionics - Specs PDF

Garmin - Specs PDF

PS Engineering

Repair Station: BJYR490C